Danielle’s family’s prior obligations to their breeding farm left little money for her to pursue her desire to break into the world of hunter jumper riding and traing. But with their emotional support

and encouragement, she was able to make that dream come true through hard work and determination. She did barn chores at a large local hunter/jumper facility in exchange for riding lessons. Soon her abilities to ride the barn’s more difficult horses became apparent and she began catch riding frequently.

Danielle uses this fast-track education in training and riding and her foundation in dressage in startingyoung green hunter prospects. After
evaluating a horse, Danielle will develop its personalized training program based on the horse’s ability, training and its owner’s desires and expectations.

Training including full board
Full Month (Minimum 12 rides) $700.00
Professional Rides (PR)
PR at local or C show per class $25.00
PR at A show or Special Event $40.00
PR for training/non-show per hr $35.00
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