Brydelle Farm 2010 Price List (Effective August 1st, 2010)

Training Board: $700.00 monthly
Includes stall board, daily turnout, grain, hay, dewormer*, grooming, blanketing, holding for vet**/farrier***, and a minimum of 12 rides per month.
Lesson Board: **** $550.00 monthly
Includes full stall board, daily turnout, grain, hay, dewormer*, grooming, and four (4) private lessons per month.

* - The barn manager will administer dewormer every 6-8 weeks
** - All horses will be required to have spring and fall shots and annual coggins
        test at owner's expense.
*** - All horses will be shod every 4-6 weeks at owner's expense.
**** - Additional lessons may be purchased if desired.

A standard commission of 15% will be charged on sales for horses. The commission will be charged on the sale amount paid to the owner/seller. Expenses incurred on special trips made to see horses are the responsibility of the client these include meals, travel, and hotel expenses if making an out of town trip to try a horse. A sales contract is required unless other arrangements have been made. Brydelle Farm strongly recommends all horses go through a thorough Veterinary pre-purchase examination along with a set of comparative radiographs by a vet other than the one representing the seller. If a horse is taken on trial, a trial period contract between purchaser & seller is required and it is the responsibility of the client/purchaser to hold an insurance binder and assume all responsibility of that animal while on trial.

All sales are final unless specific stipulations have been added to a sales contract.

Lessons *:
All lessons are 45-60 minutes in duration and are charged per horse/rider per session. Horse(s) and rider(s) are expected to be turned out appropriately and be warmed up and ready to ride at schedules lesson times. Each rider will be required to have a current release from liability and a power of attorney on file with the trainer at all times.

At the Farm:
Semi-Private (2) :

Away from the Farm **:
Semi-Private (2) :

* - Lessons bought at 4 or more at time will be discounted by 10%.
** - "Away from Farm" prices apply to locations within 25 miles of Brydelle farm. For
        locations over 25 miles from Brydelle Farm, additional travel fees will apply.

Show Training:
Daily Unlimited Schooling at local or C show per day
Daily Unlimited Schooling at A show or Special Event

Professional Rides (PR):
PR at local or C show per class
PR at A show or Special Event
PR for training/non-show per hour

Travel/Hauling *
Standard Rate (per mile - per IRS 2010 Standard Mileage Rates)
Hauling (per mile per horse)
$ 0.50
* - Hotel rooms and tack stalls will be equally divided among each participant.

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