December 2004

Who says Christmas doesn’t come early? I recently received a delightful email inquiring about our posting for a working student. Having interviewed several applicants over the last few months and come up short each time, I was skeptical but intrigued. Our first meeting was extremely pleasant, and I am now proud and honored to welcome Terumi LaGuardia to Brydelle Farm.

Terumi is a wife, mother of 3 daughters, and a teacher at a local elementary school. After several long years away from riding, she has found her way back to horses... lucky for me!

I am looking forward to an excellent new year with Terumi as a part of the Brydelle Farm team.

November 2004

I traveled to MO in early November to visit with much of my family. I love the drive, particularly through the rolling, green hills of KY. Seeing all the magnificently beautiful horse farms made me long to be home riding.

I am glad to be home and preparing for the holidays. I continued to work my training horses for shows early this coming year.

This past year has been tough on the horse market so I am looking forward to getting an early and fresh start in 2005.

October 2004

It's been a long time without any news and updates from around the farm... Sadly, due to the devastating and unexpected loss of a loved one in my husband's family, we have been traveling quite a bit recently to be spend time with family and friends during this very trying, difficult, and confusing time.

A special thanks to Deborah and Trevor Ball with Tails of Gloucester for taking such excellent and loving care of our dogs, horses and farm during our travels. Knowing you were there watching over everyone, gave us one less worry in our hearts during this complicated time. We won’t have been able to be with our family as much without your help.

We are still looking for a working student. Please click here if interested.

June 2004

With summer here, a few of my past students have been checking in with me as they finish their freshman year of college. They have each made their varsity equestrian teams and have greatly contributed to their respective teams' excellent standings both regionally and nationally. Way to go girls and keep up the great work. There were never any doubts that each of you would do wonderfully!

May 2004

Time flies when you're having fun, and May had flown by extraordinarily quickly. Invigorated by the George Morris Clinic in April, I've kept myself and the horses very busy at the farm and at local schooling shows.

Unfortunately, Jocelyn, our working student, has decided to move on due to her ever-increasing desire to make the jump into the eventing world. We wish her the best in her future endeavors. As a result, Brydelle Farm now has a working student opening. If interested, please click here to learn more.

April 2004

Spring is definitely in full swing and we are weeding, planting, and watering accordingly. Brydelle farm was quite overgrown when it was purchase four years ago, so spring typically brings changes to the landscape, including cleared trees, new landscaping, and fresh flowers.

Between the April showers, I was able to take a few of the youngsters to some local schooling shows. This is the time of year when the younger horses are just getting their feet “wet”, both literally and figuratively. Jocelyn and I also went to Frying Pan Park where we enjoyed taking Wendy and Glee out on the expansive cross country course. It was a bit soggy but they did very well.

The biggest highlight of April was the George Morris Clinic which I attended just outside Chicago, Illinois at Canterbury Farm. It was FABULOUS!!!! Mr. Morris is truly amazing and inspiring. His tried and true philosophies of teaching and training both horse and rider are everlasting and time transcending.

I would like to offer a special thanks to the entire staff of Canterbury Farm, particularly Diane Carney and Greg Franklin, for hosting such a superb clinic. The style and manner in which the clinic was cunducted were outstanding. I'm hoping to type my 30+ pages of notes and post them here, so please check back.

March 2004

I am very excited to announce that I will be attending the George Morris Instructors’ Clinic next month outside of Chicago for three days. It has been over 10 years since George Morris has offered an instructors’ clinic. Check back next month for a update.

With spring upon us, the farm is very busy with spring-cleaning, landscaping, and horse showing. We have also had several new additions to our farm, most notably our working student, Jocelyn Burls. Jocelyn is currently studying at a local college. She has years of experience in the saddle and recently spent time as a working student at a large eventing barn in Maryland. She is a welcomed addition and we look forward to a successful relationship.

Our website was officially launched this month and has been a wonderful success. Much of it owed to my wonderful, talented husband, Bryan. He is the creative genius behind the design and layout. I would also like to thank everyone who has offered us feedback.

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